Green Monster Smoothie

Bedtime snack in our house is one of those things I wish we could just skip, but we can’t.  If we skip it, then the kids wake up soooo hungry in the morning and it’s just not worth the extra grouchiness.  I love it when the kids want smoothies, because they are easy to make, quick, and the clean up is almost non-existent-a mother’s dream!  Last week we made what I named Green Monster Smoothies, which in Mom Talk translates to “Sneaky Veggie Smoothie”.  After making them, they both drank two smoothies.  I made them again tonight, and, again, they both wanted a second smoothie.  This is a keeper!

Here’s the recipe :


1 banana (peeled, sliced and frozen if you like them extra cold)

1 cup cold rice milk like Rice Dream (or other dairy free milk alternative)

1 cup raw, organic spinach with the stems torn off

Dump it all in a blender like this….and notice his stellar, backward dumping technique.  And notice the time on the clock-that’s 9:02 PM, not AM.   Now you know why I wanted a QUICK bed time snack!


Blend on high for a minute or two, then pour and serve.


N, like a lot of food allergic kids, is a tiny guy.  We try our best to pump as much healthy fat, high protein and low sugar nutrition in him as possible, but he’s still skinny as a rail.  He is often times kinda picky depending on his mood, so getting things like spinach in him is hit or miss.  Smoothies are a great way to get healthy calories and high nutrient veggies & fruits into your FA kids.


I bet you or your kids will like this smoothie as much as N & J do, and with a name like “Green Monster Smoothie”, what kid won’t love it?

Here’s my favorite part… the blender.  No, really, I love cleaning the blender after smoothies.  Just add a tiny squeeze of dish soap, fill up halfway with water….and give it good blend on high for about 20 seconds.  Rinse.  Put in the dish drainer and you’re done!  Anybody else do this?

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?  Share with us by leaving it in the comments!


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