A Note To My Readers….

This is just a quick reminder that very soon http://www.momversusfoodallergy.wordpress.com will become www.momversusfoodallergy.com.  This new site will give me some new flexibility, which I’m excited about.  

My tech-savvy husband has helped me make the switch, and we’ve figured out how to carry over your email subscriptions to the new site!  You will get an email to confirm that you would like to indeed receive new blog posts from the new site.  At this point, the choice is yours and I hope you’ll want to keep receiving blog posts from Mom Vs. Food Allergy!  We’ll be transferring email followers over in the next day or two, but I wanted to give you a heads up that you’d be receiving this email.

Those of you who that follow on your Reader will have to “Follow” the new blog on your own-that I can’t do.  I also hope you’ll continue to follow Mom Vs. Food Allergy.

I must say, I am very thankful for my followers and email subscribers-sure gives me a boost of confidence that I’m helping fellow allergy moms.  Thanks so much and enjoy your weekend with your family!


2 thoughts on “A Note To My Readers….

  1. Rachel,
    Hi there! So I’m finally posting my own dairy-free peach cobbler recipe on my website, http://www.mothernova.com. As I mentioned in my last note to you, I was inspired by your “cobbler-tastic” blueberry and peach cobbler recipe post. You said I could mention you and your recipe and link to your post, which I did. I hope this is okay! Thanks again for sharing such great recipes and tips. Too, let me know when I should change the link in my post to your new site!
    Alison at Mothernova.com

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