About Mom Vs. Food Allergy

Welcome to Mom Vs. Food Allergy!  I’m Rachel, the mom, tackling the food allergy challenges in our family.  I am a Music Educator turned stay-at-home mom to Nathan & Julia, and wife to my amazing husband, Brent.  Nathan will be 4 in July and is our food allergic kiddo.  He is allergic to dairy, oat, egg, peanuts, raw tomato, carrot, and pumpkin.  We also avoid all tree nuts and strawberries at the advice of our awesome pediatric allergist.  Nathan must also limit wheat, corn, and sesame due to low positive blood test results, but does not have visible reactions.  Julia just turned 1 in March, and has no known food allergies to this point!  We decided to have blood tests for her, and I’m so glad we did.  My goal with Mom Vs. Food Allergy is to share our challenges and victories, educate those with & without food allergies, and pass on recipes & tips that have made our journey a little more bearable.

Our Family, March 2010

Our Family, March 2010


5 thoughts on “About Mom Vs. Food Allergy

  1. You are awesome!! I wish you had been a mom in my generation of childhood food allergies, but Nathan is blessed to have you! Keep it up.

  2. Awesome blog! I have two boys (10 and 13). The 13 year old has the allergies (peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish–outgrew others). Being diligent is hard and I found it best not to keep any allergens in the house. Given your son’s allergies being more encompassing, that may be more of a challenge/not possible. But, can you use separate refrigerators or immediately repackage the safe (or unsafe) stuff when it comes home from the market? Sometimes those little tricks may help to avoid an accident. Not a criticism, just a suggestion. It’s been a long 13 years for us, but thankfully, only one incident–the one where we discovered he had allergies.

    • Thanks so much! Wow, 13 years of food allergies and only one reaction-that’s awesome! We keep our foods separate and only buy minimal things he’s allergic to-sour cream, shredded cheese, yogurt, and milk. Our daughter is not allergic so she needs some of these things in her diet. We have used stickers in the past to differentiate between safe/unsafe foods and they have worked well. I wish I had a separate refrigerator, but we don’t 😦 Thanks again for reading!

  3. It’s so hard having one allergic and one not. I know that we’ve deprived our younger son of things for fear of an accident, but again, it was only nuts and shellfish. You have a harder road, and I understand that. I hope you didn’t misunderstand and think that I was being critical in any way.

    • No offense taken, Michele. You’ve had a lot more experience than me, for sure. It’s a long road, and I know we moms that are new in this journey really appreciate the tips and encouragement that we get from those of you who have dealt with allergies a lot longer. Thank you!

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